What is UX?

User experience design is a multi-disciplinary field spanning psychology, anthropology, sociology, computer science, graphic design, ergonmic design and cognitive science. In simple terms UX is paying attention to details and engaging your audience in a way the lets them know they are safe in your hands.

Why should I care?

Because you want your clients to care about your business. You want to let them know that you are looking out for them, and have taken the time and consideration to assess how you can best fulfill their needs. Plus, if you do things right it can save you a lot of legwork and streamline the way in which you work.


The word ‘user’ is often too generic. Personas are based on real people and real research data, they help to empathize with the target audience. These archetypes provide a back-story and capture the Goals, Frustrations, Behaviour and  Enviroment. The ‘user’ now has a face and a name.


Sometimes it’s hard to discuss specific functionality without having something to look at. There isn’t always the time to design a mockup or prototype. Wireframes and sketches let you get the ideas down quickly and can often spark new solutions.

Design Patterns

Establishing coherent and balanced looks & feels, describing specific interactions whilst adhering to a style guideline.  Encouraging the user to recognize function through a consistent visual language.

Journey Maps

These walkthroughs allow you to experience a workflow, used in conjunction with Personas this can be a powerful tool to discover pain points and where is wisest to focus on improvement.

Want to know more about
how UX can help you ?

Get in touch for more information on how these tools are used to create more engaging user experiences,  allowing you to focus on the demands of your clients and arousing their sense of loyalty.